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Five Things You Don’t Know About Casinos

The casinos, these places filled with joy and carefreeness for which many people travel thousands of kilometers to escape the hassles of everyday life and indulge in the excitement that cards, dice, and machines offer.

Belgium, in addition to its rising reputation in the gambling industry, drawn by players such as Pierre Neuville, has casinos, whose architecture and selectivity attract people from all horizons. However, beyond the glamor of the country’s casinos, what do you know about casinos?

Casinos take their roots in Italy. 

The word “casino” means “small house” in Italian and takes the meaning that we know today from the 18th century. It was in 1638 in Venice that the first casino appeared under the name of Ridotto, a gigantic house entirely dedicated to games of chance belonging to the Italian state. She quickly became the meeting point of the nobility who alone was able to afford the required dress code – a mask and a hat – and the very high stakes in the house.

The first Belgian casino was born from the benefits of the thermal baths.

In the town of Spa, its thermal baths are very famous and attract many people. However, this success does not start today. In the 18th century, the first casino was erected in the city with the aim of entertaining the Belgian nobility, and that of other European countries, and allowing them to take advantage of the thermal baths at the same time. The casino will lose its luster during the Liège Revolution because, taken as a target, and the nobility will not want to risk going there.

$ 40 million is the biggest amount ever won at slot machines 

On average, the average player is satisfied if he walks away with 10% of his initial bet when playing slot machines. In Las Vegas, an American went as far as multiplying by 39,710,826.36 his initial bet. In 2003, an engineer from Los Angeles, who wanted to remain anonymous, hit the jackpot at the slot machines. With only 100 dollars, he won 39,710,826.36 dollars.

Archie Karas is the biggest gambler in the history of the casino. 

Of Greek origin, the path of Archie Karas, ruined then become a millionaire on numerous occasions, recalls that very animated of a roller coaster. He is most widely known for the streak he won from 1992 to 1995. With only $ 50, he amassed $ 40 million in 1995 but lost the following year. He attributes his gains and losses to the account of his detachment vis-à-vis material possessions. Fearing nothing, the player has little interest in the magnitude of his losses.

84% is the redistribution rate of slot machines in Belgium

In the long run, casinos have to pay 84% of the money playing slot machines to players. Mathematically speaking, this means that for every euro played, you should win 84 cents. However, the mathematical laws do not apply all the time in real life, and the reality is quite different. The probability of winning with these machines depends a lot on previous games and their outcomes. In other words, when a machine offers little or no payout, it could be very generous for future games.

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