The most innovative design in
chain tuned tympani in decades.

Advantages include:

Standard features include:

  • The player is able to change heads in only minutes.
  • Smooth, easy tuning of the instrument  through closely machined
    and bearinged lug assemblies.
  • The chain is located well out of the player's way and never need
    be removed.
  • Each lug has a fine tuning knob.
  • A heavy steel band offers support to the lugs, and strength and stability to the top edge.
  • 2 chromed tuning handles with each unit
  • Hand-hammered, polished and lacquered 32 oz.
    copper bowls
  • Quadruped stand
  • Tuning indicator

The Continental Chain Tuned Tympani was
  designed to offer the tympanist of distinct
   advantages over any  instrument of
    comparable design.

Continental Chain Tuned Timpani

23" and 32"
 Continental Chain
 Tuned Tympani
with standard features

Mark XIV

Mark XI