Our machine shop is fully equipped to deal with virtually any work needed to either rebuild, or repair any type of tympani.

We are thoroughly versed in the mechanics of all of the Dresden Style Tympani products on the market today. We are fully qualified to  completely rebuild any of these models to "better than new" condition, or even to add on any after-market modifications to suit the players needs. There is certainly no problem in modifying or rebuilding our own products.

We are capable of installing new bowls in any older model so that a player can have the sound that they desire in an existing frame. We also have the capacity to completely renovate that frame before any installation of a new component. We offer complete counterhoop and suspension ring correction and replacement. Frame casting correction, painting, polishing and re-plating of all chrome fittings are all services available to the player.

Although we offer three different bowl shapes, a player need not be limited to those. Custom bowl work has long been a service offered by American Drum Mfg. Co. ©. Complete restoration of old bowls is something that we have been doing for a long time. Our bowl service includes: cleaning, re-hammering, polishing and lacquering as well as re-shaping of the bearing edge.

If you are entertaining the idea of having a set of drums repaired, rebuilt or even modified, please call or E-mail us. We will be happy to discuss the project with you.